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An easy answer would be to say "ask our athletes, or our customers", they know why. It would be too easy though.


Discover why our signature locked-on fit, best-in-class construction, thoughtful use of technical materials,
and a relentless focus on the details are the foundation for happy feet.

GFX Compression


A Dissent's proprietary construction throughout the Snow & MTB GFX Compression sock series. The anatomically mapped 3-dimensional Genuflex padding is engineered to retain an exact fit and perfect memory in your ski boots or shoes, whether dry or wet. Our leading signature Locked-on fit.


Less bulk // No bunching // No twisting // Ultimate fit // Best feel


Merino done different.
We re-imagined Merino Wool graduated compression construction with a new, enhanced yarn blend. Our Dissent’s proprietary DL-Wool and DLX-Wool provide unrivaled warmth, breathability, comfort, shape-retention, and durability.


Merino // Loft // Warmth // Breathable // Less Bulk // Consistent Fit

A Bootfitters' Dream

Bootfitters know - every foot is different, every skier is different.
The range of Dissent socks are thoughtfully designed to deliver better days in the mountains.

Less time thinking about your feet, more time doing what matters.


NanoGLIDE® technology is engineered to reduce friction, wick sweat, dry fast, and be highly durable. Its permanent treatment doesn't fade or wash out. Optimized for breathability & minimized friction, it delivers fast evaporation resulting in less heat build up, fewer hot spots, minimal chafing and reduced chance of blisters. Nothing dries or cools faster than NanoGLIDE®. Just one of the thoughtful details we incorporate to ensure all-day comfort.


The CuTEC® technology exploits the unique properties of copper - antistatic, thermal conductivity, anti microbial - and permanently binds its compound to the yarn. It enhances body performance, inhibits bacterial growth and odor development, and significantly improve heat regulation. A healthier environment for your feet.


Odor free // Anti-bacterial // Anti-oxidant // Heat management // Skin hygiene.


The Polygiene® technology help our socks stay fresh and last longer by combining the Biostatic and the Odor Crunch. Both combined result in stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and cracking environmental odors to stop bad smells from forming.


Biostatic - Silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from bacteria and fungi.


Odor Crunch - Odor Crunch stays fresh technology consists of silica (the main ingredient in sand), modified with a unique catalyst that breaks down the odor.


Odor free // Anti-bacterial // Skin hygiene // Durability // Less wash.