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Therm-ic Heat Control mobile app

Treat yourself to a complete solution and connect your Therm-ic products to your smartphone! With our batteries' new Bluetooth function and the Thermic mobile app, you can consult and adjust the heat setting for your socks, insoles in real time using your smartphone. You can also link your product's performance to your activity, i.e. skiing, hiking, trail activities, running, mountaineering, trekking, etc.

Share Therm-ic with your friends and family! The app allows you to add and manage up to four user profiles and four Therm-ic heating products. The Bluetooth function is wonderfully convenient and makes your batteries easier to use.

• Free app
• Suitable for use with Android and iOS
• Works with Therm-ic S-Pack and C-Pack

Bluetooth® batteries (Can run multiple batteries with one phone)

Warning: Some features may not function correctly depending on the phone version and software version you are using.

How does it work

If you have just purchased a Therm-ic heater and you want to use the free application to manage your remote heater, here you’ll our user guide and full instructions for proper use.

C-Pack Replacement Clip (6191246934184)